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For University studies infomation click links below.

Newberg & Ostlie ES vs Conventional vs Ground.pdf

2005 Newberg-Ostlie ES Test.pdf

Hector Swath Testing - June 2008 performed by NDSU:

Swath Pattern Results ES System OFF

Swath Pattern Results ES System ON

Photo Descriptions:

Photo 1 - AT-402 with double row ES system

Photo 2 - AT-402 with single row ES system (Notice how full the pattern looks)

Photo 3 - The left boom is charged + positive + and the right boom is charged - negitive-. This causes the spray from the left boom to be attracted to the right boom and vice versa.  There is a 6 foot gap under the belly (No Nozzels) yet by the time the spray lands on the crop the pattern is solid and even.  Also notice no wing tip vortice influence and how soon the spray is attracted to the crop.

Photo 4 - Close view of double row electrostatic nozzles

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